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VCCS Workshop Series

Learn useful tips and strategies to help make your life easier. These 3-part workshop sessions are based on some of the top reasons students come to see us. Students are welcome to attend any of the sessions, but enocuraged to attend all 3 sessions if you can. You can contact counseling service at 845-437-5700 for more information. Even if you do not register, you are still welcome to attend!

Healthy Relationships

This workshop series will support you in better understanding and improving your relationships with family, friends, and others in your life.  Together we will delve into questions such as:

  • How comfortable are you with emotional intimacy and vulnerability?

  • What are the stories we tell ourselves about our relationship patterns and are these stories accurate or helpful?  How can we begin to change our stories so we don’t set ourselves up for self fulfilling prophecies?

  • Do you feel that there is a good balance in your relationships and you treat each other as equals?  

  • Are you able to work through conflict in an effective way?

  • Are you able to speak up for yourself, set your own boundaries and are they respected?

Mindful Presence as a Way of Life

Stress and anxiety cannot be eliminated, yet how we respond to stress and anxiety can make a very big difference to our quality of life. This three part workshop series will offer experiential exercises and reflective practices to:

1) Foster mindful awareness

2) Engage with thoughts and emotions using courage and compassion

3) Deepen our capacity to sit with unsettling emotions in increasingly non-judgmental ways

Motivation Enhancement

It can often feel like motivation comes and goes on its own leaving us feeling stuck. The goal of the Motivation Enhancement Workshop is to encourage people to feel empowered to make desired change. Whether you are a chronic procrastinator or seeking help making changes in your life, this workshop can help. We will explore topics such as stages of change, reducing ambivalence and developing a change plan.