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vccs life hack workshops

Learn useful tips and strategies to make your life easier. These 4-part workshops are based on the top reasons students come to see us.

Healthy Relationships 

Facilitator: Wendy

Day/Time TBA

Learn how to better understand and improve your relationships with family, friends, and others in your life. 

Stress Less 

Facilitator: TBA

Day/Time TBA

Learn how to better manage stress and anxiety. Pick up tips on how to increase focus and feel better balanced. 

Managing Intense Emotions 

Facilitator: Constança

Day/Time TBA

Help you understand and manage overwhelming emotions, reduce emotional instability, lean more about yourself and how you think, and gain more effective ways of coping with stress.

The Authencity Project

Facilitator: Wayne

Day/Time TBA

Practice mindful approaches to calming and centering that invite authentic presence in everyday interactions.

Peer Connections Across the Spectrum

Facilitator: Shenette

Day/Time TBA

Learn and practice connecting with peers through interactive communication and the use of art as a means of expression, understanding oneself, and navigating social cues.