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Family Matters

Day/Time: TBD

Facilitator: LaTasha Smith

Did you grow up in an environment where substance use, alcohol, and other addictions, or where chaos and unpredictability were a regular part of family life? If so, then you may be trying to make sense of your experiences and how you might be affected. Though this group will discuss family dynamics as it relates to this experience, the focus is on you and helping to create changes in your personal life. It is common for adults and young adults to sometimes repeat the patterns of their challenged, troubled families as a result of internalized beliefs and behaviors that were either modeled for them or were a part of their survival strategy. In this group you will gain insight into your experiences, learn to release unhelpful beliefs and behaviors that were previous survival strategies when growing up, and develop skills to make changes in your personal life. Some people who grow up in such environments struggle with the following:

  • Difficulty with relationships of all kinds

  • Tendency toward substance use or addictive behavior

  • Difficulty recognizing feelings

  • Unable to set boundaries

  • Placing other people’s needs before your own

  • Not knowing what you need or how to care for yourself

  • Confusion and mixed feelings about your family

  • Feelings of shame and guilt are constant

  • Unsure of how to cope with day to day demands and stressors

These are a few common experiences among those with experiences of familial addiction. If this sounds similar to your experience then maybe joining a therapy group where you will be among others with similar experiences will be helpful. This group is designed to help you understand your experiences and have a shared space to process and express your feelings while learning new skills for your life. While we will discuss family life and the dynamics created by addiction that impacted your life, we will focus on how you can grow and thrive as an individual. This group is part process and part skill based.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact LaTasha Smith at 845-437-5700 to schedule a pre-group meeting or email at