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Group Counseling and Workshops

VCCS offers a variey of support groups and therapy groups.

Support groups provide a forum where students who share a common identity or concern can meet to discuss experiences and support one another.

Therapy groups provide an opportunity for small groups of students to meet under the guidance of one or two counselors. The group works to facilitate personal growth by sharing common concerns, exploring personal issues, and learning new interpersonal skills.

Groups are typically formed at the beginning of the semester and usually meet once a week for about 90 minutes. Both support and therapy groups are confidential in nature. Group participants are expected to maintain the confidentiality of all group members.

To join a group, contact the Counseling Service at (845) 437-5700 to schedule a pre-group information meeting with one of our counselors. An initial meeting with the counselor leading the group is usually required.

Group Offerings

Last Update: 1/18/17