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Spring 2014 Group Offerings

To join a group, please call 845-437-5700 or stop by Metcalf to make an appointment for an initial interview.  Groups tend to fill quickly and placement in a group is not guaranteed. All group times are subject to change.

LGBTQIA Discussion Group

This group is aimed at discussing important life topics for students across the gender and sexuality spectrums. This group aims to address unique needs of this community by providing an opportunity for members to express themselves and share their experiences. Concerns around sexual identity, the coming out process, family concerns, community issues, queer life at Vassar, sex, and romantic relationships may all come up during group discussion, among many other topics.

Managing A Physical Health Condition

Do you struggle with health limitations that impact your academic and social life?  Is it hard to find balance?  Do you feel different than your healthy peers? Are you worried about the impact of your health on your future?  You’re not alone.  Join our weekly therapy group and find support, compassion and guidance from fellow students facing similar challenges.

Relationship Group

Relationships are important in all of our lives.  However, the skills to navigate them effectively are not intuitive or automatic for many of us.  This group is for students who want to improve their relationships with fellow students, friends, families, and/or romantic partners.  Through engaging in the group process, members become attuned to their own and others' feelings and reactions and experiment with new ways of relating to others that improve the quality of their relationships..

Facing Loss

The death of someone close to us can lead to varying emotions. For the college student, an added difficulty is managing school while dealing with the loss. Whether it is a parent, friend, family member, or partner, the sense of loss can lead to feelings, such as sadness, uncertainty, anger, guilt, and isolation. Loss can potentially change the way we relate to others, as well as how others interact with us. This group creates a space for the student to share stories, struggles, strengths, and ways of coping, with others who have experienced a loss.

The Body Myth

Many individuals struggle with food, body image, as well as their identities as emerging adults. This group will provide you with opportunities to tackle these issues in terms of how they are interconnected and what to do when they affect your well-being.  Various exercises, experiential activities, worksheets, and discussions will be utilized to equip you with tools to battle the myths surrounding food, body, and what it means to be a person.

Overcoming Social Anxiety Through Connection

This is a group for students who want to learn and practice ways to manage social anxiety. This is a non-judgmental group in a safe space to provide support as students identify ways that social anxiety has impacted their lives and share their stories. Through the group process, students will better understand themselves, the nature of anxiety, ways to manage anxiety, and explore strategies to improve interpersonal skills.

First Generation College Students

Are you a first generation college student?  The aim of this group is have a safe space to share stories and support each other as first generation students. You are welcome to talk about any part of your experience, which can include intersections of identity, social life and pressures, getting the most out of college, family dynamics, managing family expectations, or finding balance between college and family life.

Talking Race

Issues around race often evoke strong emotions, and dialogues about racial experiences, as well as the intersections with other identities, can be extremely useful.  The Counseling Service is hoping to provide you with a safe space to discuss your experiences as a racial/ethnic minority student at Vassar.  Experiential exercises will be utilized to promote thoughtful discussions, and the group will be facilitated by Drs. Christopher St. Germain and Hsin-Hua Cathy Lee.

Phoenix Rising

This confidential support group is open to students who have experienced rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse during childhood or as adults. The goal of this group is to provide a safe, healing, and empowering space for survivors to discuss their experiences. Group members will receive support around a range of issues including relationships, intimacy, sexuality, safety, trust, and communication. Members will also learn skills to support self-regulation, mind-body awareness, and a sense of control. This group will be co-facilitated by Lisa Reticker, LCSW, and Elizabeth Schrock, SAVP Coordinator.