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From Outside In: It's Not About the Food

Eating Disorder/Disordered Eating Recovery Group 

Day: Wednesday

Time: 3-4:15

Facilitators: LaTasha Smith, LCSW and Stephanie Bowlin, Ph.D.


The transitions and stresses of college life inevitably challenge one’s resolve to maintain recovery from an eating disorder or any form of disordered eating. Whether you struggle with binge eating, purging, food restriction, emotional eating, excessive exercise, body image concerns, or other related issues, this group may be for you.


This group will provide members with a space to explore relational and emotional patterns underlying their unhelpful behaviors, an opportunity to practice relapse prevention skills, and a safe environment in which to seek out a sense of community and support. Members can use the group to increase awareness of their triggers, identify emotional needs, and learn and practice effective coping and relapse prevention. Group members are encouraged to bring in and discuss issues relevant to their own struggles with eating, exercise, and body image. Self-esteem, relationships, self-expression, anxiety, perfectionism, self-criticism, and academic pressure are among the topics that may be discussed.


A pre-group meeting with the facilitators is required to join this group. For more information, please stop by Metcalf or call x5700 to make an appointment with the group co-facilitators. It is highly recommended that members also participate in individual therapy outside of group. We look forward to meeting you!